About Talia



Talia Malka is an accomplished and multi-faceted healer. As one of only a handful of acupuncturists in the country trained in the Dong Han Korean lineage, her extensive knowledge of pulse diagnosis gives her unique skills to diagnose and treat physical, emotional, and spiritual issues within her patients.



Healing has been Talia's life-long passion. Having grown up in a home with chronic illness, she was acutely aware of the impact of illness on both the individual and the family system. From an early age she began studying herbs, meditation and psychological processes.


She first came in contact with acupuncture while living in Israel in the 80s. A French medical doctor treated her father in-law with moxa and needles to help build blood during bone cancer. It was miraculous to her, and she knew immediately that she would eventually train in Chinese Medicine. At that time, there was no training in Israel for acupuncture, and so training in Chinese Medicine had to wait until she returned to the States.


Talia loves to learn: She is constantly searching for new ways to help her patients and herself find better balance.




Talia and Kapha      

Talia lives in Lafayette Hill with her partner Richard and her German Shepherd Kapha. She loves hiking in the Wissahicken and spending time with family and friends.  She enjoys the seasons of the east coast, and spends three seasons playing in the ocean and paddle boarding on Long Beach Island. The winter is spent bundled up, skiing, and hiking Valley Forge and the Wissahicken with her dog Kapha.


In addition to her private practice, Talia is a resident clinician at Flat Rock Health Center, a multi-disciplinary center in Manayunk, PA.