Acupuncture and Pulse Reading

With her unique training and personally specialized methods, Talia diagnoses and treats auto immune diseases, cancer, thyroid issues, diabetes, depression, anxiety, as well as many other health concerns.


Sports Medicine Acupuncture

This method integrates Chinese Medicine with Sports Medicine for the treatment of sports, orthopedic, and work-related injuries. (


Kabbalistic Healing

These therapeutic sessions work with the interplay between the personal and transpersonal energies, and the patterns that influence our lives. Kabbalistic healing works with these patterns that simultaneously emerge in the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  It is effective and helpful over the phone as well as through in-person sessions.


Couples Therapy

Kabbalistic healing works well with couples because it can fundamentally change the patterns at play personally and in relationships. It addresses core habitual beliefs within the individual as well as the couple, and helps to shift those patterns to a positive, successful partnership.