Talia Malka is a remarkably talented, wise and compassionate healer, and I cannot recommend her enough. While I have been seeing her for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over twenty years, her role in my life is richer and more complex than the labels might suggest. One reason is the wide range of perspectives and understandings she brings to bear in her work. She is able to make connections between physical symptoms, the emotions, psychology and spirituality, and to teach people to make those same connections for themselves.


She is also extraordinarily skilled at using precise pulse diagnosis to identify imbalances and address them. She has successfully treated my hot flashes, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. The combination of acupuncture and herbs, as well as her dietary suggestions, helped re-build my system, so that I have more energy and am much more resilient emotionally and physically. Her treatments of a sprained ankle also dramatically speeded the healing process, and her work with my scoliosis has helped reduce my pain, improve my posture and increase my stamina. When my sons were teenagers, she treated both of them for a variety of sports injuries, and also successfully treated my younger son for sub-clinical allergies that had severely limited his diet.


I am grateful to have her watching out for my health and that of my family, and am sure that she has extended my life by many years. Of equal importance are her contributions to my self-understanding, emotional resources, and joy in living.”

Ann Freedman




Talia is a master pulse reader and knows exactly what is happening on a cellular level. I came to see Talia 10 years ago after a diagnosis of breast cancer, hypothyroidism and anxiety. Talia Is a brilliant practitioner who is truly remarkable at assessing and treating medical, nutritional and emotional issues. She is kind, honest, and intuitive--qualities which are essential in patient care. She utilizes herbs when necessary and also recommends dietary protocols which support optimal health and emotional well being. She reads pulses with utmost clarity and precision--qualities which are further enhanced as she gets to know you.


Talia is a brilliant acupuncturist who has helped my family enormously both medically and emotionally.

Linda Sattel


Talia changed my life. I was taking so many medications for allergies and chronic hives when I met her. I wanted to get pregnant and have a family, but the idea of passing on to my children my multiple sensitivities, as well as the impact of the medications on a fetus, was really frightening to me.


Her knowledge that I could get to a point where I could get pregnant without being on any medication was the starting point to our relationship. I now have two children who are perfect and beautiful, and I have not taken any medication for the last 14 years.


Most recently my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with a vertebral slip at L5 causing hyper-extension of her back and stress fractures. She was having chronic back pain and the muscle weakness was causing curvatures to develop in her lower and upper back. Talia treated her three times and she has been out of pain ever since. Talia is remarkable.

Sharon Patent



In October of 2007 my husband was diagnosed with a rare inoperable cancer. Immediately the illness was at a severe stage, beyond any medical treatment. We were extremely fortunate to know of Talia's work. She offered him an avenue of treatment that Western medicine could not offer. For several months she treated him three times a week with needles, moxa and herbs. This regimen enabled him to gain enough energy to complete a collection of his poetry. When someone in the family gets cancer, the whole family suffers. Her healing presence and understanding of cancer from a Chinese medicine perspective supported me during this terrible time.


She began to treat me, as well, so that I would have the strength to see him through this illness. I, too, welcomed her treatments which helped me remain healthy under great stress. Talia understands many things about the body and what the organs need to function optimally; she has a wide view of health and illness, including our spiritual nature. She knows the territory of critical illness and the dying process.


When it became clear that he was dying, she walked me through every step of the way, explaining what to expect and how to help him make the transition. As I began to grieve, I entered another phase of work with Talia. Grief takes a toll on one's health. Here, too, Talia was attuned to what I needed in order to heal physically and emotionally.


Talia's viewpoints from Chinese Taoist medicine always cut through my usual pattern of thinking and cause me to find new ways of being and acting to increase my health, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her heart is very open. I am deeply grateful for her wisdom and caring.


Raechel Bratnick



I have known Talia for years. She has helped me through thyroid cancer, pregnancies, knee issues and just plain old stress. But most importantly she helps me manage my health and well being on a regular basis. I had my thyroid removed over 10 years ago and I take synthetic hormone daily. For years I treated taking the synthetic hormone as no big deal and that by taking the medicine my body was 'normal'. Over the years I have learned (and am still learning) that, that is simply not true. I have come to realize that I will always need to manage my body a little differently.


Talia teaches me to understand and see my body systems and to make better choices for myself. What makes Talia so unique is that she treats the whole person and not just a particular ailment. Talia has a gift for understanding the mind and the body in complete harmony. I feel like she is a partner in my care, I am not just a patient. I trust Talia to help me manage all of me.


Alana Dunoff



Talia Malka is an exceptional acupuncturist and healer. She combines a unique blend of technical skill, wisdom and psychological insight into her work. She is clear and direct in her communications with her clients: consequently, a therapeutic alliance, trust and understanding are quickly developed between the client and Talia. I have found working with her to be very successful on both a client and collegial level.


— Moss A Jackson, PhD
Director, Center For Psychological Services
Ardmore, Pa