Talia’s Training



Talia began her training in myofascial bodywork in the late 80s with Sondra Howell, a preeminent Philadelphia Alexander teacher and healer. Talia's practice included assessment and treatment of sports related injuries and helping to alleviate the stress and pain of ordinary life in her patients.  As her practice grew, she realized that she needed more skills to help her clients and made the decision to train in Oriental Medicine.


Lineage Acupuncture

Talia attended Tri-State Institute of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and graduated in 1993.  She simultaneously studied in a two-year herbal program with Ted Kaptchuck, and two years of training in Toyohari Japanese Needle Therapy with Kuei Kuwahara.


During her schooling she met Grand Master Jiang Jing Sung Baek, the 73rd head of the Dong Han lineage, and she began a long-term course of study in pulse reading and treatment under his tutelage. Her training with Sung Baek included Taoist spiritual practices of longevity, meditation and breathing techniques.



Kabbalistic Healing

In 2001 Talia completed a four-year training in Kabbalistic healing, and subsequently became a teacher in the School, a supervisor, and the spiritual head of the Magi project.


Sports Medicine Acupuncture

In 2012 she began a course of study with Matt Callison in sports medicine acupuncture. This year-long intensive program will culminate in a certification in Sports Medicine Acupuncture.



Today, and throughout her career, Talia strives to provide the most complete care for her patients as she continues her education in the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of integrative healing.


Talia regularly attends workshops and training programs both as a student and as an instructor, and has taught in nationally recognized programs throughout the spiritual healing community.